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I Got High With Ricki Lake and Talked About Pediatric Cancer — The former talk show host talks about her groundbreaking new documentary ‘Weed the People.’

I got super high for a month and illustrated an entire documentary on the prophet Muhammad. Not a traditional comic but pretty damn close haha

Medical Marijuana Documentary 2017


‘I Always Get Stoned in Grandma’s Car’: Lady Gaga ‘Smokes Marijuana’ and Battles Chronic Pain in Hospital as She Vows to ‘Fight like F**King Hell’ in Emotional Teaser of New Documentary “Five Foot Two.”

The Culture High: an eye-opening documentary on why the powers that be hate the idea of legal cannabis

JD APE’s Amsterdam. We made a 6-part travel documentary about Amsterdam. We thought the style of coverage and subject matter might appeal to you guys here at /r/Trees. Here’s episode 2.

Marijuana documentary?

I was wondering if...