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Humboldt County, the heart of California’s dark marijuana economy, is facing a new market force: legalization.

Legal Marijuana Is A Boon To The Economy, Finds Study

Economy of West...

California’s New Marijuana Tracking System Kicks Off To A Slow Start. California’s legal pot economy was supposed to operate under the umbrella of a vast computerized system to track marijuana from seed to storefronts, ensuring that plants are followed throughout the supply chain…

Massachusetts officials just approved rules to ensuring that people targeted by the failed war on drugs can participate in the newly-legal marijuana economy

Legal weed: Canada is trying to figure out how much marijuana boosts its economy

Congressman commemorates Colorado’s 5-year legal marijuana anniversary: “Allowing responsible adults to legally purchase marijuana, gives money to classrooms, not cartels; creates jobs, not addicts; and boosts our economy, not our prison population.”