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New York Times ethicist says it’s fine for a doctor to accept a gift of marijuana from a patient

Legalize it! If it’s all legal, there will technically be no crime. Sweep all of that crime under the rug. Also, I’m gonna add a rider in this here petition and demand a nationwide Taco Tuesday holiday. Any day works fine, I just want me a walking taco.

Laid-Back Hawaii’s Strict Approach to Marijuana After 16 years, medical-cannabis patients in the state can finally buy pot from dispensaries. But there’s a lot of fine print.

“Atlanta police chief on new pot law: ‘Marijuana is still illegal'” – even though now it’s just a civil fine…

Atlanta City Council will decide on decriminalizing marijuana. The Public Safety Panel recommended the city replace jail time for minor marijuana possession with a fine. That fine would be about $75. Mayor Kasim Reed would also need to sign off any changes to the way Atlanta Police handle cannabis..

Are these filters fine for weed? My local head shop(liquid chrome) suggested them.

How much is a fine usually for small amount of weed and paraphernalia?