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Dry Matter Pen?

Is there one that is smaller...

Here Is Why Marijuana Will Win No Matter Who Becomes Attorney General… the Executive Branch Can’t Do It Alone… and the Industry Is Getting Bigger and Bigger by Minute

Just ate first space brownie. (Or any edible for that matter). Im off to the moon! 🌙

My friend studies for his midterms every time we light up, no matter where we are. Shoutout to all the university ents trying to make it

Packing a bowl for after work always soothes me in the morning before work. No matter how bad a day could be, I still get to come home to this. Hope you all enjoy your day!

JD APE’s Amsterdam. We made a 6-part travel documentary about Amsterdam. We thought the style of coverage and subject matter might appeal to you guys here at /r/Trees. Here’s episode 2.

Only a matter of time until we see these in every convenience store like Marlboros (would be interested in spliffed varieties)