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I got super high for a month and illustrated an entire documentary on the prophet Muhammad. Not a traditional comic but pretty damn close haha

Super easy way to make Hash!

Super easy way...

This action alert makes it super easy to contact your politician – worth 2 minutes of your time.

Today, while i was on my balcony enjoying a spliff, i saw two super drunk guys facing traffic and urinating. One of them fell down after urinating prolly had bruises! I laughed and thought wow, it’s nice to be a pothead!

I’m super sensitive to THC. I used to smoke a lot when I was younger but now I get all weird and can’t feel my legs. Any online dispensaries that offer smaller doses?

The MA Supreme Court has decided in favor of an employee with Chron’s disease, fired from a super market for a positive drug test. Such termination is discrimination. “Massachusetts is not a state where such protections are written in the law so this is really significant…The court created law.”

My first time traveling and smoking starts tomorrow! Super excited about how my little kit turned out.

Online Pot Sales Called “Super Sketch,” Reporter Suggests You Come To Colorado To Buy Your Weed … Like Everyone Else

New piece came today. Super excited

New piece...

Super Size Me Joint

Super Size Me Joint View...