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Making a film about teenage mind on cannabis with some lecturing research and i was just wondering what are consequences of doing an edible and posting it online

I’ve been looking at this sub for quite some time following MJ news wondering when it would cross 100k. Today looks like the day!

Hello, I am flying from LA to NY and was wondering if I brought one of my brass knuckles cartridges with me if it would leak or not? Has anyone flew with one before? Did they leak? If so what is a good cartridge to bring?

San Francisco’s Chinese community fights recreational marijuana sales in city. The possibility of overly strict regulations has businesses fretting over access and some San Franciscans wondering what happened to the counter-culture, anti-Prohibition city they know and love…

Hey guys so I’m just wondering if you can at all tell if this is mouldy weed or not. It’s weed that was dried out that was a little bit wet. I’ve looked through it but I haven’t seen any signs of mould but maybe I don’t know what I’m looking for.

I’m just wondering if I’m going about discreetly smoking my marijuana, advice please?