Tennessee Cannabis Laws (sigh)

Somehow I doubt it will be any time soon before Recreational is legal in Tennessee. Considering they’re wasteing time legalizing cannabis cbd for certain ailments when hemp cbd (same thing, cbd is the chemical and cbd is cbd) can be bought legally by anyone. They recently shut down what was it, 20+ stores for “selling cannabis cbd candies” but had to drop all charges because they couldn’t prove using lab results that it was cannabis derived and not hemp derived cbd. As a Tennessean, who watched his class mates refer to Obama as a Muslim in high school, the state is culturally deplorable and a den of illegal drugs. They have little to nothing to be proud of that wasn’t done by their ancestors and they’re entirely racist. No, it will be a long while before the child minded home state of mine will come anywhere close to legalizing marijuana. Drink up before heading to Church though, that’s fine here. Smh

I watched a girl sit in a high school class, refute the idea of a female president ever because and I quote >her< here, “A woman’s place is in the home, not leading.”

Tennessee, everybody. Tenn-e-fucking-ssee.

More like “A-more-brainwashed bunch-you’ll-never-see.”

So disappointed in my home state.

If you ever thought about moving here for anything other than looking for old cars sold by meth dealers off of Craig’s list? Save yourself the time. Don’t.

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  1. the same advice can be applied to ohio. at least we have our medical mj legalized… albeit with a very limited list of catastrophic diseases that make you eligible for it…

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