THC increases pain?

Hey guys! Long time smoker and wanted some insight from fellow Marijuana fans. I pinched my sciatic nerve a few years ago and have lived with chronic pain since. It’s not terrible but can flair up after sitting for a long time. Since this happened smoking makes the pain worse. My understanding is that the opposite happens for most other people. I’ve used CBD concentrates and they work wonderful for my pain. However normal flower or THC concentrates makes my pain flair up. When I stay active usually my pain subsides on its own and I can smoke without worry. However during busy semesters or the holidays I tend to slow down and the pain comes back. Does anyone else with chronic pain have similar issues?

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  1. Same thing here, my L4 is currently herniated and I already have congenitally shortened pedicles so there’s already pressure on my spinal cord and nerve roots, I really like a combo of THC and CBD together, it really does me good for relaxing those back muscles so I can do my PT stretches at night. Wish you luck man, it sucks for sure but is manageable with the right movements IMO.

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