This is gonna sounder weird.

So this is gonna sound weird but I’m actually curious.

First I wanna say I don’t really smoke weed

So here it is. When ever I smoke or even smell weed I get this weird feeling in my tongue, gums and especially the teeth.

Sometimes it progresse’s up the back up my nose a bit and into my eyes.

I know this sounds crazy (or maybe it isn’t?) But what could or would even cause this? An allergy? A certain chemical?

Ive also noticed this happens around the presence of weed-like smells. Skunk weed, actual Skunks.

So what’s going on? Any similar experience?

It isn’t discomforting. Rather it actually indicates to me that I’m starting to get stoned before the mental effects kick in.

A few rare times its happened without any weed or weed smelling substances around me to my knowledge

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