Using cannabis for chronic pain, smoking vs vaping?


I’m 28, and dealing with a lot of chronic pain (no official diagnosis yet, but my doctor is convinced it’s fibromyalgia). I used to smoke constantly in middle/high school. I enjoyed it, and it never made me feel too weird. I also never knew what exactly I was smoking, it was back in the days where you buy a random bag from a random dude haha.

I have tried smoking a few times as an adult and it always makes me extremely anxious, and I hate it so much I just want to feel normal again. It’s legal where I live, so I’ve experimented to see what works best for me. I tried a CBD edible and did half the suggested dose, and ended up fainting twice which has never happened to me before?

I have been using cartridges of Cannatonic, and got a vaporiser pen (the Atmos Jump) because dry herb is easier to find. I try to use high CBD low THC stuff so it doesn’t make me feel weird, I typically stay under 5% THC so I don’t get any psychoactive effects. I’ve used Sour Tsunami, Ringo’s Gift, Charlotte’s Web, and Blue Dynamite (what I’ve been using the most at 2% THC).

I accidentally got Blue Shark (which was 4% THC) and also got a little glass piece to use when I haven’t charged my pen. I smoked a tiny bit from the glass piece and got too high and felt weird and I hated it. Did I feel it more because I smoked it instead of vaporised it? Or was it just because it was too much THC?

I feel like such a baby because I used to be able to handle it when I was younger. I’m also taking tricyclics, and I’m not sure if maybe it affects whatever I use? So much has changed since I used to smoke regularly, and I feel very uncool now haha.

I’ve been told that it’s good to have some THC to help the CBD work better? What’s the best method/product to relieve chronic pain?

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