1. One time I was ordering pizza online high as fuck and thought it would be funny to make my name Darth Vader and all credentials Darth Vader based… minutes after I enter the order I get a call from pizza Hut telling me they don’t deliver to the death star and asking if I havw another place they could deliver it

  2. Domino’s employee here, it’s Parmesan Bread Bites, not garlic knots! And really I hate when people order online and then come into the store to get their food and they’re bitching because their large pizza was like $15 when we have a big ass banner in the window for a large 3 topping for $7.99. When you call the store (at least *our* store) we automatically apply coupons to lower the price for the customer. Online you’re on your own.

  3. I’m pretty high but…this is a remake of a Pot Shot comic? Is that the joke?

    I mean, you should probably at least credit them somewhere.

  4. I laughed incredibly hard at this. This mockery ofthose shitty comics has become something incredible in its own right. Never stop making these, please.

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