What am i doing wrong with my edibles???


Hi, so I really wanted to start making edibles and i’ve recently tried making edibles 3 times in a row with no success. I always decarb the weed for 30-40 mins on 230 F and let it cool, then i put it in a crock pot heated to a steady 250 F with water and coconut oil for about 6-8 hours. Then i strain it add half a cup of lecithin, and let it cool in the fridge for 2 hours and put it in brownie mix, but every time it comes out it has a strong weed taste but I get no noticeable effects. I made sure that the weed never gets higher than 280F or lower than 200F with an oven thermometer also. Does anyone know what I might be doing wrong?

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One thought on “What am i doing wrong with my edibles???

  1. DybbukTX

    I hope someone knowledgeable chimes in, because I’d like to know too. The only thing that jumped out at me was the 6-8 hours in the crockpot. That seems excessive and potentially damaging, though I’m probably wrong about that.

    Do you get “noticeable effects” from smoking the same strain? From consuming edibles made by someone else?


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