Why do edibles take different times to kick in


Ok so yesterday I was REALLY high and I loved it when I ate my last edible I waited 2 hours to feel the full effects and after 2 hours I was decided I was high enough and stoped. So for the next 2 hours I had the time of life and I was loving it and then all of a sudden it hit me. I was getting higher now and I knew It. I remembered the advice pthers had given me if this ever happened just breath and drink a lot of water. Eventually I fell asleep. Edibles have never taken this long to kick in for me it always times different times sometimes a hour, sometimes 30 minutes and even 2 hours but it has never taken 4 hours to kick in. Anyone else know why this happened to me? Also why do edibles take different times to kick in with me? I was told that if you have a fast metabolism it will only take a hour but a slow one then it takes 2 hours.

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  1. THEassMAN0420

    Metabolism, and how ones body processes the fat cells the thc has binded with. That’s why what you eat just before your edible can make a difference

    I find my tolerance to smoking pot to have little to do with my tolerance to edibles.


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