1. Because so many people believe all the propaganda they hear. The other day my mom thought i broke her bedroom door in a stoned rampage… Its ignorance.

  2. You just come out from under a rock?

    This society has been brain washed that marijuana is the ‘gateway drug’ leading to heroin addiction, before that it was the gateway to white women having sex with black jazz musicians.

    The majority of the society, the “Baby boomers”, have their heads fully up their asses, they made an opinion forty years ago based on misinformation and no new knowledge could get into their lead polluted brains.

    It’ll be less controversial when all those old bastards are dead.

  3. Because BIG PHARM doesn’t want it to happen. They own the politicians in this country. But the train is rolling and there isn’t anyone to stop it. There are too many people benefiting from it.

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