*WINCE* ………. Is it WORTH IT ?


*WINCE* ………. Is it WORTH IT ?

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5 thoughts on “*WINCE* ………. Is it WORTH IT ?

  1. LeMoofinateur

    This reminds me of this video I saw (possibly buzzfeed) of these women testing a weed pessary (suppository for the vag) for period pain. This one lady’s fell out, so she ate it and tripped her fucking tits off.

  2. eadreeso

    I have incredibly painful menstrual cramps, and I have used Foria’s suppositories, and this is the best pain relief I have ever come across for my symptoms (and it helps with mood, being bloated, and other PMS symptoms). It is so much better than the alternative of taking up to six Tylenol a day, which I have to imagine is terrible for my stomach. I wish I lived in a medical/recreational state so I could have access to this regularly.

    It’s not my favorite intake method, but the pros 100% outweigh the cons.


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